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Mindfulness training

09 January 2022

We humans have 2 operating systems:

  • Once the all-familiar Ego consciousness with which we think, feel, want, remember, plan; which our Action controls influenced by our values, ideas, attitudes, prejudices, drives and needs, expectations of ourselves and of others. The importance and thus the influence of the individual components on our well-being and behaviour varies from person to person and is constantly changing.
  • We experience our 2nd operating system through mindfulness that arises, when we let go of thinking, feeling and wanting, of the past and the future. Then we begin to perceive what is and time loses its importance. In mindfulness, we can perceive our Observe ego functions, how they think and feel and plan, how they assess and evaluate; and all that was and could come loses its meaning.

When we are in the Moment and one follows the other without time passing, we step out of individuality, out of isolation and are connected - with all that is. In this Connectedness in the here and now is serenity, which enables a wide horizon because it is free from the limitations of thinking, feeling and willing. As free-floating attention, it penetrates the barriers of the material and becomes a spiritual consciousness that transforms ego-consciousness to a higher and universal level.

The religions try to give us access to the 2nd operating system, whereby the belief in a God is supposed to serve as a door opener, but through this condition stands in the way.

The traditions of the mystics and Far Eastern spiritual teachers show us the way that it is possible without religious door openers and show that the grace of the second operating system lies in all of us without conditions. If you feel inside yourself, let your gut and heart-brain become active, if you attentively let go of thinking, which almost always runs the same programme, then the inkling that there is a divine being in you, perfect, without beginning and without end, which inhabits your body between birth and death, then this inkling becomes certainty, a knowledge that expands your ego consciousness.

In the meditative exercise, the 2nd, the spiritual operating system becomes more and more important, slowly flows into your existence, into your everyday life, until you can switch over at any time, until you finally drive double-tracked and can intercept the negative implications (anger, suffering, envy, disappointment, bossiness) of your ego consciousness more easily. From practice comes skill, a mindful attitude that determines your life. It does not come from outside, not from God, not from the guru. These can serve as virtual or real helpers. The crucial thing is that it (mindfulness) is contained within you as an awareness of your being and you can unfold it when you begin to observe your self.

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