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Treatments - Diagnostics

Genetic diagnostics

Genetic diagnostics General health Your genetic material will be decoded/ broken down by means of a saliva sample. The evaluation takes about 1 month. Afterwards we will contact you and you will receive individualised evaluations:

  • The "Alzheimer's gene" Apoe
  • Information on other genes that influence your ageing
  • The breast cancer gene BRCA2
  • TP53, a gene that contributes to cancer susceptibility
  • COVID-19 susceptibility
  • Susceptibility to inflammation
  • Genetic blood sugar sensitivity
  • Metabolism of various vitamins
  • Metabolism of various minerals

Costs: € 250,- incl. file with the personal decoded genome and 30 min. consultation.
5 evaluations are included in the offer, all further evaluations cost € 35,- extra.

In collaboration with anchestryDNA and SelfDecode

Gene diagnostics for drug metabolism

Everyone metabolises medicines differently. Optimally, Mrs. Müller takes three tablets of a medicine every day, Mr. Schmidt only one and for Mrs. Schulz this medicine is not suitable at all, you are prescribed a different active ingredient - and all three are fine with it.

However, medicines are usually prescribed in a way that helps "most" people. Dosage instructions do distinguish between children, adults and senior citizens, but even there there are huge individual differences that are only found out in practice through lengthy experimentation. For example, the same dose may be too low for Franziska, 10 years old and weighing 40 kg, but much too high for Huber, 55 years old and weighing 103 kg.

In the meantime, many genes have been decoded that give clues as to whether a particular person tolerates a medicine well, less well or not at all. We offer a gene analysis where we can tell how well a particular medication is tolerated even before the first dose is taken. Based on this, we can optimally adjust your medication without much trial and error. This is particularly valuable for psychotropic drugs.

The great thing about it: after a one-off test, you can benefit from individually tailored therapies for the rest of your life.

Costs: One-time genetic diagnosis incl. medication adjustment: € 500,-.

Check for each additional medication (in the practice or by e-mail): € 20,-.