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High-dose ozone therapy

Ozone High Dose Therapy OHT according to Dr. Lahodny is a method for prophylaxis and health maintenance, as part of the holistic treatment of numerous acute and chronic diseases, as well as for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

It causes an increase in stem cell and mitochondrial activity, detoxification of unbound toxins in the body, acts as a supportive treatment for infections, and causes an improvement in blood circulation.


In the ozone high-dose therapy OHT according to Dr. Lahodny, approx. 200 ml of blood is taken after puncturing a vein in the arm and enriched with ozone and oxygen in a vacuum chamber. The blood is then returned to the vein. This procedure is repeated up to 10 times in one session.

How does OHT work?

All symptomatic diseases send out peptide signals (cries for help). High-dose ozone therapy commands all stem cells in the body to immediately rush to the aid of all diseased sites sending out peptide signals and repair them. The activated stem cells in the whole body are transformed into the respective tissue cell after arriving at the diseased site and cause the repair. In this way, the pathological changes often heal in 48 hours. The rapid healing of symptomatic, visible and painful, acute and chronic diseases is the first almost miraculous mitochondrial and stem cell therapy principle triggered by ozone.

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