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Psychopharmacotherapy is the drug treatment of psychiatric diseases. In psychiatric diseases, there are metabolic disorders in the brain that impair attention, concentration, emotions or logical and abstract thought processes. Specific medications are used to compensate for these disorders in order to be able to act again within a normal and healthy framework and to use emotions in a largely controlled manner.

In psychopharmacotherapy, you receive medication that affects the brain metabolism. It is very individual how these drugs are absorbed or broken down and how they work.

Psychotropic drugs have side effects that are well known, mostly harmless and well controlled. We discuss with you all the medications proposed for the therapy with regard to the expected effect and possible side effects. Together, we determine which of the available psychotropic drugs will be selected for the individual therapy.

All the drugs used have been tested for safety after many preliminary examinations within the framework of large studies and have been approved by the national authority for use on patients. Various psychotropic drugs with very different effects on symptoms, emotional experience, behaviour, thinking and cognitive functions are used to improve the patients' quality of life.