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18 May 2023

Podcast about INUSpheresis® at the New Energy Medical Center

Inuspheresis: Stefan's blood, freshly washed The episode with the extreme hack: extremely exciting, extremely effective, extremely expensive. Stefan had his blood washed in Klagenfurt and reports amazing things. S...
20 April 2023

Last hope hallucinogens

Psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms are considered dangerous intoxicants. Nevertheless, researchers see great medical potential in them to alleviate depression. Also in Austria...
23 March 2023

Our partner "Balance-Hotel" in Pörtschach

Combine your therapy with a wellness holiday at our partner "Balance-Hotel" in Pörtschach on Lake Wörthersee!
21 January 2023

Book: Image Transformation Therapy

The latest issue of Image Transformation Therapy offers even more breakthroughs in psychological treatment. These build on developments presented in previous issues. The se...
19 May 2022

Interview: Borderline - Insane lows, beautiful highs

Borderline personality disorder is a very complex mental illness, which is why diagnosis and therapy must be multifaceted. Link to the interview with Dr. Diana Schaffer and Dr....
10 March 2022

A trip to mental health?

Topic The comeback of psychedelics A new trend is spreading in clinical research and treatment of people with mental disorders: Psychedelics. Yet this trend is not really n...