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CAT® CO2 - Carbonic Acid Therapy

Regeneration at the touch of a button Healing from within with the CO2 Dry bath

Medical CAT® CO2 - Carbon dioxide dry bath therapy is an innovative method that combines both traditional knowledge and the latest scientific findings and is categorised as regulatory therapy. Many patients find themselves in a state of regulatory rigidity. The Medical CAT® CO2 provides support on both a physical and psychological level by providing relief.

The use of carbon dioxide during therapy improves blood circulation and oxygen uptake in the body and thus achieves therapeutic effects. The key mechanism behind this therapy is based on the improvement of microcirculation and oxygen supply in the tissue.

CO2 According to tradition, baths have been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of metabolic complaints. Many people already know and appreciate the beneficial and revitalising effect of targeted carbon dioxide applications. CO2 Dry bath treatments have now become an insider tip for a wide range of applications. I also use it successfully in my practice for a variety of therapeutic purposes.

Areas of application of CAT® CO2 therapy

  • Chronic pain conditions such as back pain and arthritis
  • Circulatory disorders and peripheral arterial occlusive disease
  • Diabetic foot syndromes and wound healing disorders
  • Treatment of chronic wounds by promoting wound healing
  • Skin diseases due to improved microcirculation
  • In sports & fitness - for faster regeneration and improved performance
  • In the Wellness & Beauty area - for soft summer skin and noticeably firmer connective tissue
  • In the anti-ageing sector, the revitalising effect of CO2 treatment.

  • Targeted weight loss - for an active metabolism

  • To optimise your weight loss success with an exceptional treatment concept
  • has a positive effect on mental health
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reduction of inflammation: CAT® CO2 therapy can have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus contribute to the treatment of various inflammatory diseases.
  • Relaxation, stress reduction and targeted regulation of stress-related vegetative disorders

Carrying out CAT® CO2 therapy

This is done comfortably while lying down. The treatment begins with the body being wrapped in a special plastic cover, which is sealed airtight. The oxygen is then removed and CO2 is added so that the carbon dioxide can be absorbed directly by the body. A session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The treatment is painless, safe and pleasant.

The treatment is carried out in a comfortable massage chair with appropriate music and sleeping goggles, if desired, to specifically regulate stress-related vegetative disorders.

For optimal post-detoxification and flushing of the cells, you will only receive filtered and structured water at my practice.


Single treatment: € 90

CURE (10 sessions): € 750

Business break special: CAT® CO2+ power napping (15 sessions): € 1000

Prevention Club CAT® CO2 only - 1x per week CO2 Therapy: € 290 per month

3 month cure: € 1800

  • 2 x a week CAT® CO2 Therapy
  • With therapy goal setting and final discussion
  • For an improved quality of life