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Our treatment concept

Our concept is based on optimising various key factors that have a major impact on mental and physical health. This is intended to improve mental, physical and social health, as well as increase quality of life and slow down ageing.

The following aspects are the key factors for treatment:

  • Biological aspects: Genetics (genetic tests)
  • General state of health (laboratory values)
  • Health history (previous illnesses, injuries, especially brain injuries, toxin exposures)

Psychological aspects

  • Thinking patterns
  • significant development events in the past
  • emotional traumas
  • Fears
  • Resources, sources of strength

Social aspects

  • Relationships with friends, family and colleagues
  • Relationship patterns
  • Social stress factors

Spiritual aspects

  • Values
  • What gives meaning in life
  • Personal sources of meaning, goals and visions

"Lifestyle" aspects

  • Nutritional behaviour
  • Movement behaviour
  • Regeneration behaviour
  • "Balance" in everyday life

The basis of the treatment is a detailed anamnesis and diagnosis made at the beginning of the treatment.

An individual treatment plan is created based on the findings.

The treatment is carried out by means of tried and tested traditional medical methods, by means of alternative medical methods whose effectiveness has been proven, as well as new high-tech treatment technologies are used.

Ongoing evaluation of the treatment procedures permanently optimises the overall treatment concept. The therapy ends with a final screening, which enables a precise evaluation of the treatment success.

Diagnostics and anamnesis

The basis for treatment is a detailed diagnosis, in which not only symptoms but also the medical-biological status quo is determined, as the same symptoms can have different causes.

Technology-based diagnostic methods are used to determine the origin of the disease and to assess more quickly what the right form of treatment is.

Depending on the client's problem, different tests are used for optimal treatment:

Psychological anamnesis:

  • Psychodynamic anamnesis
  • Trauma-centred anamnesis
  • Social history Psychological tests
  • Neuropsychological tests
  • Lifestyle history

    Treatment planning

    By means of the comprehensive tests, the root cause of the health problems is determined. Based on these findings, an individualised treatment is tailored specifically for the patient's brain and situation. Treatment takes place in an outpatient setting, and the duration and frequency of treatment is adapted to the individual needs of the client. The daily return to the personal environment as well as the inclusion of relatives in the treatment enables social and behavioural problems in particular to be recognised and changed in the long term.