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Photon-Wave® light therapy

Photopheresis - using light for detoxification and healing

What is PhotonWave® coloured light therapy?

Coloured lights are frequencies that can activate synapses (connections) in the brain that were previously inactive or blocked. In this way, hidden and buried feelings can often be brought back into consciousness. But conscious emotional experiences are also processed much more easily and undramatically with colour light therapy. PhotonWave® light therapy not only helps us to feel better physically, but also makes it easier for us to achieve emotional stability and balance out mood swings.

How does light stimulation work?

For stable health, we need the full spectrum of light with all the colours of the rainbow.

Natural light can restore the balance of the autonomic nervous system and all the functions that depend on it.
Coloured light influences both physical and psychological aspects of every human being.

What is the cause of light deficiency in the brain?

Today, many people suffer from a lack of unclouded, natural daylight. This is caused by living and working in rooms with artificial light. In the great outdoors, the view of the sky is often obscured by smog and similar air pollution.

Too little sunlight is not good for our brain because it does not get enough "light food".

Other causes:

  • Due to stress (separation, school, workplace, etc.) and/or trauma (birth trauma, violence experienced, etc.), our field of vision becomes smaller and smaller
  • Whiplash
  • Anaesthesia
  • Inflammatory ear processes etc.
  • The absorption of light is also inhibited if the function of the optic nerve is restricted and it therefore sends too few electrical impulses to the brain

Connection between light and the function of the autonomic nervous system

If the autonomic nervous system is not in balance, this leads to physical and emotional problems.

Light stimulates the visual cortex and the hypothalamus via the retina and the optic nerve. HYPOTHALAMUS is the "main control centre of the brain". Simply explained, light travels via the optic nerve from the eye to the visual centre in the back of the head. On its way, this light impulse stimulates many areas of the brain, including the brain's main control centre, which influences our entire body - hormones, metabolism, emotions.

The hypothalamus influences the autonomic nervous system, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the limbic system. The eye is directly connected to the limbic system. The system with which we perceive our emotions, among other things, and from which our autonomic nervous system is also influenced.

Via the optic nerve, the light information reaches the visual centre in the brain and on to the spinal cord and important hormonal control centres, and finally to every cell in the body.

Light influences thus all bodily functionsour behaviour, our moods, our physiological and psychological actions and reactions.

20 % of the light absorbed by our body acts through the skin and 80 % through the eyes. This is why the supply of special colours via the eyes is particularly effective.

Photon-Wave® light therapy helps with

  • Treatment of emotional problems
  • For physical complaints
  • psychiatric and psycho-somatic illnesses
  • Chronic complaints and pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Burnout syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Learning disorders
  • Hyperkinetic syndromes , ADS
  • Athma
  • all eye diseases, visual disorders
  • Immune dysfunction, stimulation of the immune and hormone system
  • for infections, allergies
  • for detoxification and detox programmes
  • Harmonisation and regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • Fungi - in many cases unusually quickly solved problems with the Candida programme
  • Traumatic emotional experiences are permanently resolved
  • Psychotherapies can be supported and often shortened
  • For light deficiency complaints in winter
  • AD/HD, dyslexia and other school-related problems Many children with learning and behavioural disorders are given a new, surprising opportunity through light stimulation, and with learning success comes a return of self-confidence. Relief for children AND parents
  • Light stimulation is a non-invasive, pleasant method for alleviating or permanently resolving many chronic and acute symptoms

Light and colour act as catalysts for the absorption and use of nutrients by the body in its metabolic processes. In the same way, the elimination of harmful substances can be accelerated. Colours are known to have various psycho-vegetative effects on individual organs and chakras.

In my practice, I use PhotonWave Rainbow Light Stimulation in addition to and in combination with other holistic methods.

Of course, colour light stimulation with the PhotonWave device is no substitute for modern university medicine or spending time in the sunshine.

Duration of therapy:

One session lasts about 15 minutes. It is advisable to carry out several sessions in a series of 5-10 applications.

For fatigue and depression: 20 minutes for approx. 20 days


Single treatment: € 50

CURE - 10 x training: € 450

CURE - 20 x training: € 800