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New Energy Medical Centre

08 January 2024

More and more people are chronically exhausted, tired, lacking in energy, have an increased susceptibility to infections, suffer from sleep disorders; in addition, there is muscle and joint pain, morning stiffness, spinal complaints, and finally also concentration and memory disorders, which are referred to as brain fog. Performance decreases. At a certain stage, it is no longer possible to work. Those affected have to take sick leave.

The findings are often unremarkable, neither in the laboratory, nor in imaging procedures, nor in cardiovascular diagnostics can corresponding organic findings be detected; only further examinations reveal signs of silent inflammation due to inflammatory factors that are not detected in the routine laboratory.

The causes are manifold, toxic environmental influences such as pesticides, heavy metal pollution, micro-plastics, solvents and many other pollutants that can penetrate the body from the environment and cause corresponding inflammatory reactions.

Silent infections caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites also have a toxic effect and lead to reduced or excessive reactions of the immune system.

In addition, limited defence mechanisms due to a lack of exercise and an insufficiently healthy diet are of great importance.

Finally, psychological stress, social stress in the private and professional environment, including bullying and work-related overload, overtaxes the body's coping mechanisms. Chronic psychosocial stress also weakens the immune system and promotes silent inflammation. Control loops are created that lead to premature cell ageing, impair organ functions and can cause manifest illnesses.

Due to these diverse causes, the diagnosis of these non-specific chronic health impairments is complex. Various methods are needed to record oxidative stress and other indicators of silent inflammation.
The heart rate variability provides information about the vegetative stress and is also a good progression parameter. Good holistic diagnostics take time in addition to the medical examinations, which, as already mentioned, often show hardly any pathological results. Dark-field microscopy is important here, as it reveals signs of reduced immune defences, viral, bacterial and parasitic contamination and can indicate that the body is unable to cope with inflammation and other stress factors. The organism as a psychosocial whole is no longer able to detoxify sufficiently. It is therefore important to open the detoxification channels and take measures to reduce the stress.

In addition to the aforementioned diagnostic measures, careful therapeutic approaches are carried out at our centre.
IHHT: alternating hypoxia-hyperoxia leads to an improvement in energy production by stabilising mitochondrial function and eliminating borrelia, for example. Oxygen utilisation is improved. However, IHHT is linked to sufficient, healthy breathing. If too little CO2 tension is generated in the air we breathe, the oxygen cannot adequately supply the tissue or cells. Capnometry can be used to detect this phenomenon and, if the CO2 tension in the breath is too low, a good IHHT result can be achieved through exercise.

Direct oxygen supply via the veins can also improve mitochondrial function, as well as improve blood flow to the tissue and thus increase oxygen supply. This oxyven therapy has proven to be effective in many studies.

Another option is CO2 dry baths to increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to the tissue; all of these measures improve detoxification and can be used in combination.

A particularly efficient method is high-dose ozone therapy, which, in addition to the effects mentioned, also stimulates stem cell function and production, so that visible results can be achieved relatively quickly.

A special type of detoxification is the lavash of the large intestine. By washing the intestines, detoxification mechanisms are improved and toxins are eliminated from the niches.

Inuspheresis can be used for extensive intensive cleansing. Here the blood is passed through a special filter, which captures a large number of pollutants such as pesticides, solvents etc. as well as pollutants produced by the body and leads to an improvement in the state of health; although this method is cost-intensive, in combination with other detoxification methods it is a highly effective way of improving health in the long term.

In addition to detoxification and oxygen, the weakened organism needs energy building blocks, which are supplied by infusions of amino acids, vitamins and high doses of micronutrients.

We offer the following packages:

Long Covid package 1 € 2.850.-

- 1x dark field incl. therapy plan incl. control
- 10x ozone high-dose therapy
- 10x infusion (Amino, Gluthation, Vagusvit, Procaine D4+. Vit.B, Vit. C 15g)
- with 1x spermidine i.v. or NAD+ additionally € 300.-


Long Covid package 2 € 2.650.-

- 1x dark field incl. therapy plan incl. control
- 20x IHHT
- 8x infusion (Amino, Gluthation, Vagusvit, Procaine D4+. Vit.B, Vit. C 15g)
- with 1x spermidine or NAD+ in addition € 300.-


Long Covid package 3 € 1.880.-

- 1x dark field incl. therapy plan incl. control
- 20x Oxyven
- 20x infusion (liver/kidney/lymph)

Long Covid package 4 € 1.000.-

- 20x Velio or wheel
- 20x CAT® CO2

Long Covid packages 1+2+3+4 € 7.780.-

Fatique Week

 Variant 1 € 1.880.-

- 12x IHHT
- 6x Velio or wheel
- 6x CAT® CO2
- 6x infusions (Amino/ Gluthation/ Vagusvit/Procaine D4+)

 Variant 2 € 1.290.-

- 5x IHHT
- 3x ozone high-dose therapy
- 3x infusion (Vagusvit, Eumetabol 3000, Procaine D4+))

 Variant 3 € 1.380.

- 6x Oxyven
- 6x infusion (Amino/ Gluthation/ Vagusvit/Procaine D4+)
- 6x Velio or wheel
- 6x CAT® CO2


Fatique Week 1+2+3 € 4.100.-

Fatique Weeks Subscription 2x/3x/4x -3%/-5%/-10%


Booster Weekend                                                                                                              € 990.-

-> fast, simple, effective
- 3x ozone high-dose therapy
- 3x infusion (Eumetabol 3000, Vit.C 15g, Vagusvit)
- 3x Velio or wheel
- 3x CAT® CO2


Pension package all in                                                                                                       € 1.610.-

-> support your health sustainably
- Laboratory/ medical consultation/ medical questionnaire
- Dark-field microscopy incl. therapy plan
- 6x IHHT
- 2x Velio or wheel
- 2x CAT® CO2
- 2x ozone high-dose therapy
- 2x infusion detoxification (Vagusvit, Eumetabol 3000)
- 1x Lifestyle & nutritional optimisation according to Ayurveda


Precautionary package small                                                                                                      € 640.-

-> support your health sustainably
- 1x dark field incl. therapy plan
- 2x ozone high-dose therapy
- 2x infusion (Vit.C 30g, Procaine D4+)


Inuspheresis ®

-> effective detoxification € 6.000.-
- Doctor's consultation
- 2x Inuspheresis® incl. build-up infusion


Inuspheresis ® Plus package                                                                                              € 7.400.-

-> high level detox

- Doctor's consultation
- 2x Inuspheresis® incl. build-up infusion
- 2x dark field microscopy incl. therapy plan
- 3x ozone high-dose therapy
- 2x Infusion Detox (Eumetabol 3000, Detox Infusion)
- 1x NAD+ infusion